Solar Water Works technology utilizes Photoelectrocatalytic Oxidation (PECO), which is a method of purifying water using UV light. It does this with a low-temperature photocatalyst which is activated by sunlight. UV light excites electrons from the valence band to the conduction band of the semiconducting catalyst. A small electrical bias voltage, supplied by a photovoltaic solar panel, significantly increases the activity of the catalyst by preventing electron-hole recombination. The resulting hole in the valence band of the catalyst initiates oxidation reactions producing Hydroxyl radicals and chlorine ions. These powerful oxidants destroy most water contaminants.

PECO combines UV light, an inexpensive catalyst, and a small electrical bias voltage to generate powerful oxidants.

Hydroxyl radicals react with aqueous pollutants without discrimination until contaminants are completely mineralized.

Water disinfection with PECO is orders of magnitude more effective than UV treatment alone.