The Solar Water Works Solar PECO system provides stormwater disinfection in a portable, self-contained unit which requires no power or chemical inputs and generates no waste. The system utilizes a nanoporous photocatalyst, which when activated by sunlight, provides three independent modes of water disinfection. The synergistic effect of these modes provides enhanced disinfection of all types of biological contaminants, including those which are resistant to chlorine disinfection.

Pilot Project

Stormwater outfalls in the Milwaukee area have been found to be positive for human sewage indicators during dry weather, without the occurrence of Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) and/or Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs). Aging water infrastructure is known to cause sanitary sewage infiltration into stormwater pipes, which is then discharged directly into rivers and lakes. The Solar Water Works (SWW) Pilot Test, performed during the summer of 2016, demonstrated the feasibility of stormwater disinfection using a portable, self-contained unit which required no power or chemical inputs and generated no waste. Stormwater from two demonstration sites was pumped from the storm sewer through the SWW system, and returned to the sewer. Water samples were collected before and after treatment and tested for two Fecal Indicator Bacteria. The resulting performance data yielded reaction rate constants which are used for larger full-scale system designs.